About us

Lucco a.s. is a dynamically developing company operating in the field of steel fabrication since 2001 dealing mainly with the production of technologically demanding weldments. Our production area is 11,500 square meters, we employ 250 employees and annually we realize revenues of about 12 million EUR.

The production itself started on the territory of today's Lucco since the 1950s. Through STS and Bohemia T.T.W. s.r.o., Lucco was founded in 2001. The company was focused initially on the production and delivery of cut steel components on CNC machines, and later with thin metal sheets using plasma and laser machines. In 2004, the company structure was changed into a joint stock company and also the company strategy has been changed significantly. The main goal was the production of the final products. To improve and speed up all processes, the company invested in new production facilities. In 2013, Lucco became part of the BR Group a.s. and currently focuses mainly on the production of technologically demanding weldments and their final surface treatment.

The company's mission is to maximally meet the needs of our employees, customers and business partners.


Lucco a.s. becomes the part of BR Group
Investment in new technologies
Production of technologically demanding weldments

2013 up to present

Lucco a.s.
Transfer of the company to joint stock company
Change the business strategy and focus of production of final products
Production of components mainly for building machines

2004 -2013

Lucco s.r.o.
Establishment of the company with our current name
Production of profiles using CNC cutting machines
Production thin sheet metal profiles using plasma and laser CNC cutting machines.

2001 - 2004

Bohemia T.T.W. s.r.o.
Privatization of the company
Service of the vehicles for Czech army
Production, assembling of trapping devices for airplanes

1994 - 2001

Service work for agricultural vehicles – mainly tractors
Repair work for lorries LIAZ
Stock of the material for agricultural vehicles

1950 - 1994